You know how many people are on government aid for housing?


And that’s just the people who are approved for it. There are millions and millions more on the waitlist.

Yeah, that many. Because we’ve got a massive wealth gap in this country.

Listen, we all want to improve our socioeconomic level. That goes for people in urban and rural areas.  Yeah, that’s right. There’s Section 8 housing in rural areas too. But ALL of the people who live in this kind of housing are widely assumed to be poor, lazy, etc.

Today we’re going to challenge those assumptions and dig into an unseen, unheard, and unrecognized side of living there. Check out these Whisper confessions that could break your expectations and stereotypes.

1. It’s all about survival.

I can’t imagine times being this tough for folks.

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2. Use the assistance and you’ll eventually get out.

It can happen! Just keep it up!

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3. This is seriously a bummer.

This rules really hurt people.

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4. The rules become more and more illogical as time goes on.

We need to assume people aren’t abusing the system.

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5. It can really be beneficial.

Keeping people off the streets is the point.

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6. It has to be a real bummer when you’re filling out the paperwork.

People assume it’s just free money floating out there. It’s not.

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7. Take care of the basics.

The rest will follow.

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8. Glad to see you’re going to school.

That’ll help get you out of the rut.

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9. Living off the government isn’t a bad thing.

Eventually you’ll find your own way.

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10. Ahhhh, the old hourly trap.

Usually this has to do with not wanting to give employees health care. *sigh*

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11. Yeah, sometimes you can jump to the head of the line.

Not all situations are create equal.

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Some pretty interesting stories, right? Did any of these change your mind about Section 8 housing?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. We love to hear from our readers.

Thanks fam!