Most movie theaters are pretty strict about keeping people from bringing in contraband food and drink, since the sale of concessions is how they actually make their money.

But for a brief and wonderful period when I was a teen, my local AMC decided they didn’t care. I waltzed right in with an entire pizza once, it was glorious.

I was quite bummed when they came to their senses and stopped allowing that.

Because as Twitter will attest, there’s nothing better than some quality theater food:

Check out what else people got cinema-sneaky with.

11. Eat moar chikn

That’s the secret sauce to make it all better.

10. The taste you can see

This feels like a lot of effort but good on ya.

9. It was obvious

Is that a soda in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

8. The flavor awakens

I hope she started swinging it around like a lightsaber out of excitement.

7. Ten pounds?!

I’m guessing you fumigated any other audience members out pretty quick.

6. That takes the cake

What strange sights this man must have seen.

5. OG OJ

Hey man, you do you.

4. Suds and duds

Ok but how many times did you have to get up to pee?

3. Get this bread

It really changes the moviegoing experience.

2. Slice of life

This sounds like a wonderful memory.

1. The greatest hits

A true legend, this one.

Can’t wait to start going to movies again just to see what I can get away with.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve snuck into a theater?

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