There’s nothing easy about being in the military. And what usually happens is you go into the military as one kind of person… and you come out very different. Sometimes that’s a good thing… other times, not so much.

Join us as we take a look at 11 people confessing about the secrets that they just don’t feel they can share with the rest of the world… including their own family members.

Let’s go!

1. Sounds like somebody is going through a rough time.

Being the partner of a military member can be just as hard as being in the military itself.

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2. This is a VERY common scenario for the military

Their time in the service can leave them physically and emotionally devastated.

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3. Many people think their life is on the battlefield.

This is why people go back for 2, 3 or 4 tours of duty.

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4. Well then… that was unexpected.

Sounds like you two need to have a chat.

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5. Are they against the military?

One thing’s for sure… you’ll make more friends in the service.

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6. That would be rough.

But maybe this will change someday, some way.

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7. This is a very common emotion.

Civilian life does seem scary when military life is so structured. Embrace the chaos!

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8. People feel this way ALL the time.

It’s not uncommon at all. You should share this with your family.

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9. At least you’re only thinking about it.

You should probably talk with her and let her know how you feel… the next time you two are together.

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10. Yeah, but are you anymore?

Don’t ask, don’t tell is a thing of the past. Just be you.

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11. Well, it’s not for everybody.

Time to get out when you can. Don’t let it define you.

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Those were some revealing stories, no? I just wish those folks felt like they could open up to their loved ones… even when they’re doing stuff that would hurt them.

What do you think? Any secret resonate with you?

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