So… when you get into dating, you quickly realize that people have VERY different tastes and preferences that they look for in a partner.

And that’s okay. It should be no surprise that there are certain qualities about folks that are 100% deal breakers. And the following individuals definitely give us their opinions. In fact, they discuss the things about potential partners that automatically make them gross in their eyes.

Read on to find out what people shared on Whisper… and be on the lookout for some of your own traits.

You might not like what you read…

1. Yeah, bad grammar is a minus.

For sure!

Image Credit: Whisper

2. A beard and no mustache?

Are you insane?

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3. That is a VERY different POV.

I’m not a big makeup guy, but I certainly don’t think it’s a dealbreaker.

Image Credit: Whisper

4. Who stinks anymore?

How can you NOT know you smell? Come on…

Image Credit: Whisper

5. This is a GREAT boundary.

Consistency is so key to a good relationship.

Image Credit: Whisper

6. Sometimes this isn’t their fault.

But they can always get them fixed, right?

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7. There’s no excuse for being cheap.

Well, except for not having money. There’s that. 😉

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8. I have mixed feelings on this.

On one hand… it seems like a fetish… but if it’s your own race… does it seem wrong?

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9. Who wrote this?

Come on grandpa… get off of Whisper.

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10. Yeah, if somebody smokes A LOT… done.

You just can’t get that smell out of your nose once it’s in there.

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11. That’s a pretty broad statement.

I know PLENTY of men who would love a clingy girl.

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So… the REAL question is… are you guilty of doing any of these things?

Leave us a comment and share your secret.

We promise we won’t tell anybody…