You know when you’re having a conversation and you think of the absolute perfect response…the next morning while you’re taking a shower? And then you get super mad and you wish you had a time machine just so you could go back and lay it all down in the moment but it would be super weird to go try to talk to that person at this point so you just let it go?

Makes you pretty jealous of the people on Twitter who just seem to have the perfect response lined up all the time.

Like these folks.

11. Ice cold

Mad props to McDonald’s for leaving the tweet up even after getting owned that hard.

10. Under my umbrella

“I enjoy walking around soggy all day LIKE A GROWN UP.”


9. Prove it

Come one man, you’re ruining the mooooood.

8. Graduation time

I have the same answer.

7. More power to ya

I think it’s because you reactivate the chemical reaction occuring the batteries but idk.

6. Netflix and no chill

Can we turn off his commentary, please?

5. Nothing better

When your robot pal is gettin’ ready to make it rain.

4. Super kinky

Ok but like name something more realistic.

3. It’s a sign

Are you living in a Final Destination movie?

2. No hablo this

I had to read it like three times before it clicked.

1. Tickets, please

Absolutely legendary burn.

I can’t think of the perfect way to end this list. But I will later. In the shower. And then I’ll be maaaaad.

What’s the best response you’ve heard lately?

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