Hello, fellow kids. It is I, a young person. Here to enjoy with you the things that we like, specifically Tweets.

No old or out of touch folks here, no sirree. Certainly nobody around who would unironically use the phrase “no sirree.” Just us youths. Youths as far as the eye can see.

Here are eleven Tweets that your dad won’t like.

11. It’s time to stop

Surely if I get it down to the second I can explain myself.

10. Blue sea blues

Everyone be quiet, I want to hear his music.

9. Holy crop

I would like “The shade, the skill” to be what goes on my headstone, please.

8. Missing persons

It’s the thought that counts.

7. The sh*t is bananas

“It’s one banana Michael, how much could it cost? Ten dollars?”

6. I scream

As someone who has had to run around in these costumes before, thank you for your service.

5. Game night in

Don’t truck with this guy.

4. Out of this world

You might wanna just kinda stay up there for a while.

3. Big accomplishments

How is he still literally smokin’ hot?

2. This and that

You gotta stay original and stay on brand.

1. Save it up

I hope it’s enough to make the sun stop setting at like 3:00 pm in Chicago because this is bogus.

Totally radical, am I correct my young peers? And now I am off to do the TikTok magnesium challenge or whatever it is we do.

Who are your favorite people on the Tweeters?

Tell us in the comments.