Have you ever been in high school and thought, “I can’t wait until I get to college.”

Yeah, I realize not ALL of us go to college, but if you’ve been on that path… these thoughts have been in your thinker at SOME point.

Today we’re looking at 11 tweets that prove high school and college are VERY different… and it all comes down to the teachers.

Let’s go!

(Spoiler Alert: college professors are kind of pushovers)

1. That’s some next level phone policing!

The benefits of being tech savvy!

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

2. Well, at least he’s honest.

And honesty is the best policy, right???

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3. The most important warning you’ll get this week.

Can you imagine if they hadn’t done this?! Chaos would break out!

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4. no class today, lol

I’m very disappointed in this person’s lack of punctuation.

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5. Allan Carlsen is the mack daddy, daddy mack!

For all the people in the back, say “Heyyyyyooooo”

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6. This had to be Halloween, right?

Please tell me this is Halloween.

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7. When did these high school teachers go to college?

Because it appears as if college has changed A LOT since they were there.

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8. What exactly is a “parking issue.”

Did they not find a space close enough to the building?!

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9. “As the youths say”

This just seems lazy to me, but I’m funny like that…

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10. Sabrina just letting it all hang loose

It appear as if she needs to maybe not hit Send so quickly? Or just stick to ONE bottle of wine?

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11. Hell YES I want some Milk Duds!

Best. Professor. Ever.

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Yeah, that’s how college is these days. Apparently. Maybe.

I kind of want to go back to college.

How about you? Are your professors like this? Were they like this?

Let us know in the comments!