When Twitter was first being developed, one of the co-founders suggested calling it “FriendStalker.”

In retrospect, it’s probably good that they didn’t go with that for a few reasons. First of all, most people don’t use Twitter just to keep up with what friends are up to anymore. We’ve got plenty of other tools for that. Twitter has become more about keeping up with people you don’t know but are interested in. Secondly, of course, “friend stalker” is just the downright creepiest thing in the world.

Let’s celebrate that mistake being sidestepped by stalking these great tweets.

11. The tides have turned

Money is fake, ya’ll.

10. Hanging out

To be fair, they have been officially worshiped by a few cultures.

9. Pepper it in

I have had this exact thought and I’m so happy to see it legitimized.

8. Ah ah ah, yeah

Life is plastic – it’s fantastic.

7. Leaf me be

But I thought money didn’t grow on trees?

6. A loan again

At least you’ve got a law degree. Me and my theatre major are doomed over here.

5. Week in review

You won’t BELIEVE what happens next.

4. Taking stock

My value is definitely not gonna go up though.

3. No bones about it

He’s the hero we need right now.

2. The big question

As long as you don’t touch the thermostat, you’re good.

1. Low ink


What a roundup! Check back in soon for more.

Who are your favorite people on Twitter to stalk?

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