You ever see a Tweet so good you wish you could be friends with it? Or maybe even MORE than friends?

I mean, think about it. They could have made anything the icon for expressing your approval of a tweet, but they went with a romantic red heart.

So, do you like the tweet or do you LIKE like the tweet? See how each of these tickles your fancy.

11. Share a coke

Don’t forget that they gave out heroin as medicine.

10. A hand out

Um…do you mean like…handing someone money? That’s not new.

9. Edgy comedy

That is just flat out wrong.

8. We are not smiles times

Hey how about you drink an entire glass of chill and get back to me.

7. The final countdown

Ironically, you should probably see a therapist about this.

6. Bird brains

“Nobody even drops good food anymore, this is bogus.”

5. Somethin’ nice

See, you’re joking, but the reality is you could use Bezos’ money to buy a mansion and if nobody told him he’d literally never know.

4. Sunk in

Oh hey there toilet, it’s me, ya boy.

3. The artistry

Every once in a while I’ll still see these in the wild and just marvel at ’em.

2. Party time!

To be fair to her, it’s a ridiculous custom we’ve created.

1. Leaked footage

Your son is absolutely going places and I would like to follow.

I’m gonna take all those tweets out to make out point and just smooch ’em. You can’t stop me.

Who are your favorite people to follow on Twitter?

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