Most cities have a creepy urban legend or two or ten. And thankfully people from all over the world can come to Reddit and share theirs for all the online world to read.

The following 12 people have heard some s**t, and now you can read it!

Let’s take a look!

12. “she threw the baby off the bridge…”

“In Wichita, there is a bridge, Theorosa’s bridge. There are a few versions of the story, but most of them tell that there once was a woman who had an illegitimate baby, and she threw the baby off the bridge into the water to be rid of it.

Full of grief and regret, she then jumps in after the baby and drowns herself. Supposedly, if you go to the bridge and yell loudly that your are Theorosa’s child or that you have her child, she will appear and drown you in the river.”

11. “once they came out running with a bat…”

“We have the Watchers. The story (that I have heard) is that their daughter was kidnapped and murdered decades ago and the family completely snapped. They boarded up their windows and installed CCTV stuff and now they watch not just their yard but their whole street 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If they think someone is suspicious they will run out of the house with a weapon and attack.

The Watchers are completely legit, it’s pretty much a rite of passage in my area and they DO come running out after you. I’ve done it twice, both times in a car, and once they came out running with a bat and another time they came out with a knife. No idea what really compels them, especially since this has (supposedly) been going on since the 70s or 80s, but it’s real.

It isn’t a rural area, either- it’s just a house on a normal California street. I know their (new) next door neighbors, too. Nobody knows what their deal is.”

10. “people used to hide behind the trees on the side of the road…”

“Shades of Death Road is actually located about five minutes outside of my town. A lot of people get really into it and insist that they see ghost on the side of the road.

I remember my teacher telling me it was a really old road and people used to hide behind the trees on the side of the road and murderer them and have an old fashion GTA. There is also a lake next to the road called Ghost Lake. I love that road and lake. I’ve taken many beautiful drives down that road and have hiked and explored around the lake.

The lake at night can give out a weird vibe, though.”

9. “There were reports of green like ooze dripping…”

“In my hometown there is a legend that one of our high schools is haunted by a girl who committed suicide in the school.

There were reports of green like ooze dripping from the ceiling and the hallway supposedly covered in fog everyday. The hallway has been closed on the fourth floor that has been closed off for decades. Some hear a girl sobbing near the hallway, some see her waving at them from the balcony, even some see a girl jump off of the balcony and see her vanish before she hits the ground.”

8. “and said that they tried to sacrifice her…”

“There’s a church in a suburb town of Dallas with no real windows, and if you go there at night, there’s always at least 1 car, sometimes 2 parked in the entrance and really spooky choir music audible. The doors are all metal, and the 10″ish square windows in the doors have that shatter-proof wire mesh in them. Keep in mind that this church is not in a terribly bad area. Not great, but not bad.

Rumor is that a woman walked into a nearby convenience store covered in blood, and said that they tried to sacrifice her. No idea if it’s true, but I used to live near the church, and I can confirm the car(s), spooky music, and overbuilt door bits of the story.

Might actually try to go by there after dark and get a video or something. Anyone interested?”

7. “legend has it he still haunts a trail by the railroads…”

“Where I am from, there is a man known as the Green Man.

He was a normal person who endured a traumatizing accident in his youth. Basically, a freak accident melted his face clean off, and the the locals called this person ‘Charlie No-Face.’

Eventually he died, but legend has it he still haunts a trail by the railroads, which is where he would do his night time walks, away from people that would be too afraid of him during the day.”

6. “The slaughter house was built sometime originally in the 20’s”

“I used to live near Statesboro Georgia for a time, and while my own home town didn’t have its own creepy urban legend, there was a legend about the old abandoned slaughter house on the aptly named ‘Slaughter house Road.’

The slaughter house had been built sometime originally in the 20’s, and worked through the mid 40’s before a fire ran through the place, killing a number of the employees. The legend was that the fire had been started by the owner when he found out that his young bride to be wanted to break off the marriage in favor of her childhood sweetheart. Among the dead reported were the woman, and the presumed sweetheart. The owner himself effectively vanished off the face of the earth after the fire, making the case technically (he’d be long dead now) still open.

The building has long stood abandoned, with no power, phone, nor access to the very top most floor. Yet this hasn’t prevented phone calls to 911 cropping up from there, as well as strange sightings of a woman walking aimlessly along the top floor where the offices were.”

5. “her eyes are completely black with bloody tears…”

“The little girl in the white dress.

Apparently a father went crazy in the 1950s and tied up & blindfolded his young daughter that was wearing a white dress. He placed her on train tracks and she was decapitated.

There are sightings to this day of a young girl standing right next to the tracks where the roadway is. They always say that it looks like a real human until she turns around and her eyes are completely black with bloody tears running down her face. Then, poof, she’s gone.

Thats how the sightings always go too. Nobody ever sees her from the front first…it’s always from the back, she turns around, people see the face, are horrified, then they see a mist where the ‘girl’ was and she disappears.”

4. “you can see Old Man Taylor’s eyes watching…”

“From rural Alabama…we had the story of Old Man Taylor. Tl;dr Old Man Taylor’s house caught on fire during a Sunday night poker game, everyone ran out, someone went back in for Taylor, saw his head had been cut off or something like that.

Legend is that the wrong man was convicted, so you can see Old Man Taylor’s eyes watching where his house used to be for the actual killer to come back.”

3. “these people also took their lives in a local forest…”

“Randomly, the amount of suicides in my home town will spike from absolutely zero to about 6 or 7 a year. We can go for 20 or so years without a single suicide, then all of a sudden many people take their lives over the course of 12 months.

I first heard about it when my mother was explaining what happened to some of the people she mentioned by name but I had never met. Two of them happened to take their own lives in the same year, as did 4 other people. They are normally in their early or mid twenties, have pretty normal lives, and usually aren’t connected much in anyway, so it’s not like these are suicide packs.

It’s creepy as hell because this is a small rural town in the highlands of Scotland. The population never really goes over 1,500 people. Most of these people also took their lives in a local forest by hanging themselves.”

2. “I noticed a few shadowy figures out of the corner of my eye…”

“I live in Princeton right now but I’m from a suburb of Seattle but I always say I’m from Seattle because people don’t know where federal way/Tacoma/auburn/Renton is.

So the story goes that if you go Federal Way, on foot or bike at night, and then to Tacoma (doesn’t matter exactly where) you’ll began to notice little things start to get weird. Usually you’ll feel as if you’re just stuck in the same 500ft stretch of land that just repeats over and over again forever. Then paranoia and the last thing would be some things chasing you on foot, shadow figures.

I thought it was stupid when I heard it in the 7th grade until I tried it, except in a car years later. I noticed a few shadowy figures out of the corner of my eye looking at me, at that point I peeled out and drove to my girlfriends in downtown Seattle and said some bullshit about wanting to see her.

Would never try it again. I had an intense paranoia that I couldn’t get rid of. Like night terrors that I felt for days at a time.”

1. “their skin is super pale and tinted blue.”

“I live in Southern California, and about half an hour east of the cities in the foothills. It’s very rural with lots of steep rocky hills and dry brush.

The blue people are a cult that live in the deep foothills. They never come out during the day, so their skin is super pale and tinted blue. They will leave a person laying on the rd out in the rural areas, and when a car stops to help them, they’ll surround the car and the person and the vehicle are never seen again.

I once got lost with very little gas out in the foothills at night and this story freaked me out so much I had to keep convincing myself it was just a story.”

Wait… the BLUE PEOPLE?!? What in the actual f**k?

Okay, I’m not sleeping tonight. Thanks Reddit!!!

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