Hey kids! It’s that time again.

Time for us to pull together this tweet and that tweet and them tweets… all in a nice, neat little blog post for you to read and chuckle at.

We really don’t think it’s too much to ask. Just a few minutes of your time today, and we guarantee that you’ll laugh… or we’ll give you all of your time back.

Trust us? Good!

Let’s go read us some Twitter tweets!

1. Quite right!

“I am glad that a bitch ain’t one.”

2. But isn’t it?

If you can’t win, don’t play!

3. I mean, those are still temples

Just needs a little Spring cleaning, right?

4. Remember that time when the rye was running…

…and he caught all of it?

5. The puns are gonna get you!

They done got you.

6. What does the fox say?

I think this one is gonna last forever!

7. Must. Obey. The. Law.

Yes, being murdered is bad. But being a bad pedestrian… might be worse.

8. No more tears.

He doesn’t need your prayers! But your thoughts…

9. For all the Bills out there…

We see you AND your boards.

10. So many regrets…

Doggos have them, yes.

11. I mean, between those two!

No other books needed!

12. You need help.

Way too much for food.

Now that was a funny list of jokes and tweets and things, yeah?

But we’ve heard from all of those internet strangers… and now we want to hear from you!

Which of these did you find the funniest? Have any jokes you want to share?

Do that in the comments, fam!