Listen folks, it’s 2020. The time to shave JUST because you’re a woman is over. We all know that’s nonsense.

Is it aesthetically pleasing? Sometimes. But that goes for all genders, right? A smooth body can be appealing across the board, but A LOT of people like it when people don’t shave too.

The reasons why people don’t shave vary wildly. Some want to go against the grain. Some do it to make a statement. Others because it’s less work. And some just prefer the look and feel.

Whatever the reason, the choice is ours to make. And the following confessions from Whisper prove that there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

1. AND… she saves a TON of money.

Seriously ladies… stop wearing makeup and watch your savings grow, grow, grow!

Image Credit: Whisper

2. There’s something about a gal who just doesn’t give AF.

It’s refreshing!

Image Credit: Whisper

3. Yeah, well, honestly… who cares what your family thinks.

If you like it and he likes it, I like it.

Image Credit: Whisper

4. Wait… there’s hair up there?

I honestly have literally never thought about it.

Image Credit: Whisper

5. That’s a good reason!

Comfort is always great.

Image Credit: Whisper

6. It’s not you.

It doesn’t make any sense, tbh.

Image Credit: Whisper

7. Warmth is a GREAT reason.

I never even thought about that.

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8. No shave 2020!

I bet A LOT of people haven’t shaved this year. haha.

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9. I’ve seen people do this.

And it’s pretty awesome.

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10. That last line.

*chef’s kiss*

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11. Yes, yes and very much yes.

I couldn’t agree more.

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12. Another argument for warmth!

I’m here for these!

Image Credit: Whisper

Seriously, the gender roles are being unmasked for what they truly are… things that have been put in place by companies and corporations to make you buy stuff you don’t need and is actually harmful to your health.

My thought… if hair grows there… there’s probably a good reason why.

So leave it. Or don’t. Just don’t think you HAVE to.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments, fam! We love to hear your thoughts.