I think there’s a rule to life that needs to be more widely understood: if you don’t have a demanding, horribly unfun “Karen” in your life, then you ARE the Karen in someone else’s life, and it’s time to do a little soul searching. One way to go about doing that might be to have a look at the most enduring of all human art forms; the Karen meme.

They’ve got some real insights into what it is to achieve full Karenhood in the modern age.

Have a look at these twelve and see if any of them ring a bell.

12. The final showdown

This isn’t even my last form.

11. Clean up your act

And then she complained about the napkins all night long.

10. Sophisticated tastes

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, Karen.

9. Eye of the storm

Things are about to get windy.

8. Don’t spoil the Endgame

Man, remember movie theaters?

7. Train of thought

You have awakened the Kraken.

6. So cruel

She’s just trying to earn a paycheck, come on.

5. Observe and report

If you see literally anything, say something.

4. Who lives in a Pineapple under duress


3. Chick magnet

Why do you gotta judge so harshly and so quickly?

2. I’m bad

Linda – the close cousin of the Karen.

1. Boost your day

It’s a great day for unnecessary superlatives.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a manager to speak to.

What’s your big “Karen” experience?

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