Welcome to Meme Town, where everything is memes and there’s a meme mayor and meme grocery store whose shelves are always fully stocked with memes. If you’re visiting for the first time, let me give you a little tour. To your right you’ll see a bunch of memes. To your left, also that.

In fact, look pretty much anywhere and that’s what you’ll see. Especially if you scroll down.

12. A salad plan

There’s no greater irony than ranch dressing on a salad. Light leafy greens smothered in pure fat. Well done.

11. Clean machine

Forget the dance floor, this is where I literally shine.

10. He emerges

This IT remake looks dope.

9. Mixed signals

Welp, day over, back to bed I guess.

8. Reboot

I am also overpriced and throw a fit if you spill things on me.

7. Good board

“Karen, what is this? Why do you mock me?”

6. Take a break

You’re gonna lose the job but you’re gonna keep your dignity.

5. Growing up

To be fair, most actual teenagers are terrible actors.

4. Isolation tank

That dude is sorting through his whole life up there.

3. Feeling tired

That’s some redneck luxury right there.

2. The scientific method

There’s only one way to find out.

1. Getting trashed

Life’s a beach after all.

We humbly thank you for visiting Meme Town today. Remember our motto, “just because we’re not a real place doesn’t mean we’re not dank.”

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