Wrong numbers are great, especially when people decide to have a little fun with them. After all, what’s the point of all this constant, incessant digital chatter if we can’t use it to mess with each other every once in a while?

Here are twelve people who took full advantage of a wrong number situation for the benefit of us all.

12. Grapes of wrath

You can’t just drop a bombshell like this and walk away, come on.

11. Do we have a deal?

Wow, it’s really a seller’s market right now I guess.

10. Good news

Well that’s just wholesome and lovely.

9. Who do you think you are?

Um. I…no comment.

8. Wing man

This is the kind of support we all need.

7. Good foundations

What are the odds a number this wrong would have knowledge this deep?

6. A number of questions

Wow you really do not get this do you?

5. Taken for Grant-ed

I’ll never reveal my true identity.

4. Nice try

Buddy. BUDDY. We need to take things back like fifty steps right now.

3. A chance encounter

You have been blessed by his claws. Go forth in peace.

2. They forgot about Trey

Eli, you need to up your comprehension skills.

1. Somebody once died for me

Clearly a prank but still solid gold.

The numbers may have been wrong, but the outcomes were oh-so-right.

Have you had a situation like this?

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