I’d like to say at the outset that I’m not one of these folks who sits around yelling about how “KIDS THESE DAYS JUST WANT EVERYTHING FOR FREE!!”

I personally believe that we’re crippling entire generations with debt by refusing to provide basic needs in the name of increased profits for folks who have no business getting any richer.

That said, there is a line. Taxing billionaires to provide free college? Sure. Yes. All for it. Just demanding some internet stranger who probably has no more than you do that they give you their time/money/stuff for free because you feel like it? No bueno.

That kind of entitlement lands you on a list like this.

12. The mask you wear.

Begging and choosing.

11. Any reason.

Does this actually work?

10. Wish list.

The airpods he’s referring to go for $50 used.

9. Drawing conclusions.

Why do people think artists should be paid?

8. Keep the faith.

There’s nothing wrong with being religious, there’s a lot wrong with waving your religion around like an all-access pass assuming it should garner you a bunch of privileges.

7. Just pretty and nice.

The absolute nerve to post this as a comment.

6. Get a grip.

Yanno, there are brand deals to be struck between companies. It happens all the time.
This is not how it happens.

5. Very driven.

This is either sort of heartbreakingly sincere or a way-too-obvious-scam to get a free RV from the faithful.

4. Still charging?

Ah yes, it’s criminal that Big Independant Artist is out here price gouging for essentials like *checks notes* dog portraits.

3. A bad influence.

Wait, who’s on a horse now?

2. Yes, no thanks.

“Free product and pay for delivery? Nah. I’ll pay for the product AND delivery. That’s a better deal.”

1. The machine.

I can’t throw too much shade at this one because, honestly, I get it.

Keep goin’ out there and demanding what you must from the man. But don’t rip each other off. That’s not how we do.

Do you have a terrible selling experience?

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