I remember when I was a kid there was a show on TV called Living Single. It was flashy and exciting and funny and featured attractive people getting into all sorts of wacky situations and generally just having their best lives.

Then I got older and learned what actually living single was like.

It is not wacky TV times. It’s more like these tweets.

12. Worm your way in

Hey we’ve all been there, stop whining.

11. Night and day

Just wait till you see what happens when you level up.

10. Talk the talk

Can we just make this question illegal? If I’ve got something to tell you, I’ll tell you.

9. Love me tinder

Sorry I cannot do the thing, I have the sad.

8. Where’s love?

That’s me in the corner.

7. Laffy

At least he remembered that you ingest food?

6. Infinity pool

What’s the buzz?

5. Poor reflections

This is really on you, if you think about it.

4. Existential crisis

He should be more considerate next time.

3. Rock alone

I, too, am a large inflammatory ball of gas.

2. Crushing it

She’s the only person I’m doing any of this garbage for anyway.

1. Wine about it

Give me one good riesling not to.

If you’re living single right now, I hope it’s more like the show, and less like the memes. But either way, you do you. Maybe literally.

What’s your best piece of relationship advice you think everyone should follow? Also, why haven’ you followed it, single person?

Tell us in the comments. Thanks!