You ever see a tweet and just get overwhelmed with the feeling that you HAVE to show it to someone else?

Like, maybe you don’t even know who right away, but it just tickles your fancy so much and so instantaneously that you become converted to a sort of tweet evangelist for a moment and anybody within the reach of your keyboard is gonna hear about it whether they like it or not?

These are all like that. They’re all just winners.

12. Light me up

Bye bye, sense of superiority.

11. Catching cats

You call THAT not affecting history?

10. Stop the growth

*feels beard* oh…

9. Hash tags

You and whomever scrambled an egg are the real MVPs.

8. Out for blood

Temps are going down, but I’m lighting up.

7. New tricks

You son of a b*tch, I’m in.

6. The hamster dance

It’s gonna backfire and he’s gonna fall in love with your pet.

5. Dinosaur disasters

Looking at how people have handled things this year in the real world, I’m not sure I need to imagine anymore.

4. Radiating nonsense

This is the most glorious self-own I’ve ever read.

3. And the congregation said…

How has this not spread further by now?

2. Tastes like chicken

And sometimes you’ll get six of me when you were only expecting five?

1. Oh ok

Just make the noise and nod and they’ll leave you alone.

See what I mean? Every one of those is a winner. And you’ve probably already picked the one you need to send to somebody. I won’t stand in your way. Get to it. Spread the joy.

Who are your favorite Twitter personalities of all time?

Tell us in the comments.