Ever think about how there are tweets literally just flying around in the surrounding air all the time? Beaming in from cell towers and wi-fi routers, little ones and zeros containing bite-sized textual oddities on their way from one random corner of the globe to another?

Tweets flittering through the sky just like the ones from real birds?

You ever think about that? No? Just me?

That’s fine. You don’t have to have my obscure appreciation for over-the-air tech to enjoy these twelve random tweets.

12. Know when to walk away

I don’t need any egging on.

11. Bully for you

That’s…good? I guess?

10. Out of my shell

The more I learn about turtles the more I wonder: why are turtles?

9. Arrival day

A day without a package is hardly a day at all.

8. Drink up

This is gonna be a very interesting battle.

7. Water into wine

What’s with the third degree over here?

6. Square off

Guess we need a bigger house.

5. The which and the wardrobe

I’m sorry – thirty seemed LOW to you?

4. Clean ’em out

This is my entire life tho.

3. Time doesn’t fly

When nobody’s having fun.

2. Hear me roar

This is not the decade I ordered

1. Cat-tastrophe

He big. He glow.

Of all the ones and all the zeroes on all the networks in all the world, these ones had to waltz onto your phone. And a good thing, too. Almost feels like fate.

Who are the greatest Twitter personalities of all time, in your opinion?

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