Do you ever feel like you’re less of a person and more of some sort of embodiment of awkwardness wearing an ill-fitted person suit like that bug guy from the beginning on Men in Black?

Do you ever get the impression that you completely unnecessarily interpret every single situation you come into contact with as weird, or that maybe it was normal and you made it weird?

Well then this list is for you.

Here are twelve incredibly awkward things for incredibly awkward people.

12. And many more

There’s no proper facial expression for this moment in a human life.

11. Bowl me over

“Sorry I did the bowling you guys, please don’t look at me.”

10. Get a pick-me-up

It’s that feeling of greeting someone without being able to actually greet them.

9. Lock picking

“I swear I know how doors work. I’ve done this before, I promise.”

8. Call waiting

Nobody wants to be the first to click that close button.

7. Ready or not

No. Please. It’s not my time. IT’S NOT MY TIME!

6. Conversation starters

Honestly I think they do it for fun.

5. Sharing is caring

I think I would disappear in a puff of cringe.

4. Higher ground

Nobody talk. Nobody move. Nobody fart.

3. Frozen treats

Never mind, I’ll just never drink anything for the rest of my life.

2. The ultimate fight

Yes, I am a normal walking person who is perfectly capable of handling inclines, why do you ask?

1. Good starts

And also with you.

Remember, if you wanna be a smooth operator, just follow this one tip: stay in bed and never talk to anybody.

What do you find weirdly awkward in life?

Tell us in the comments.