Did you know that China, Iran, and North Korea have all banned Twitter?

If you ask a smart person why that is, they’ll probably give you a very solemn answer about totalitarian governments cracking down on the free exchange of information as a way to exert undue control over their citizens, but if you ask me, a dumb-dumb who don’t know nuthin’ ’bout nuthin’, I’d say my theory is they just can’t stand how funny everybody is on Twitter.

They’re jealous. They wanna spin comic gold too and they know they just can’t compare.

Lucky for you, you live somewhere that doesn’t ban the funnies, and now you get to read some.

12. Have it your way

The burgers sit without a king to rule them.

11. Different strokes

This is real though. Those ages are worlds apart.

10. Clawing up

When you wanna party but you have the tolerance of a fetus.

9. Be best

Guess I’ll just never communicate again, then.

8. On again off again

How has this gone underappreciated for so long?

7. Bring the heat

Check out my very hot only fans.

6. Maureen

But why is she in a DRAWER?

5. Zuckerpunch

Stop digging, you struck gold.

4. Feel the pain

Lol we thought we knew what suffering was back then. Cute.

3. Stonks are up

“Imagine a product but it doesn’t actually do anything.”

2. Double check

The question is, if they messed up will you have the courage and patience to confront the situation?

1. Cure-all

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but I’d say this one’s valued in the billions.

Of all the freedoms we enjoy. the freedom to waste our time with tweets is perhaps the most precious of all.

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