Ok, so, these are going to make you mad. And also possibly make you laugh, though mostly in that shocked “WTF” kind of way.

What we have here are a collection of very REAL vintage ads for products aimed at women. Not such a big deal on its own, but wait ’till you see the marketing methods that were big back in the day. Every single one of these is a bizarre cocktail of shame and misogyny and patriarchal nonsense in the name of getting you to buy an eye cream or whatever. It’s a lot.

Brace yourself. Here we go.

13. Stockings


12. Menstrual cramps

…really victimize men, if you think about it.

11. Neglect?

Seriously what is even being sold here? Is it just an existential nightmare?

10. Feminine hygiene

It’s more impressive than being nice to a bird.

9. Keeping clean

It’ll make your husband stop being so abusive!

8. Divorce

It’s what’s gonna happen if you don’t buy Lysol, lady.

7. Unspoken truths

Thanks for the heads up, marriage counseling ad.

6. Hair

…is gross and you should be ashamed of it.

5. Your friends

They secretly hate you because you won’t buy our stuff.

4. Your clothes

If they have holes, you’re gonna die alone.

3. Your hands

They don’t deserve rings, you dishwashing hussy.

2. Cereal

If you could poop better men would love you more.

1. Medieval torture contraptions

They’re making a comeback in the beauty industry!

It’s hard to put into words just how much yikes these ads bring to the table. Though I guess it’s worth celebrating that we’ve progressed enough that no company would get away with this nonsense today.

What’s the worst ad you’ve ever seen?

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