They say there’s a first time for everything, but there are certain everythings we’d all rather forget.

Horrendous first dates, for example. The kind that usually end up being the last. That’s what Jimmy Fallon was interested in when he blasted the hashtag #WorstFirstDate for this show:

They could only use a few on the program itself, so here are some other favorites:

13. Netflix and chili

He’s some kind of terrible wizard, this guy.

12. Step on the gas

I guess she was…saving the first time for someone special?

11. Pick a fight

I would nope out of there faster than anyone in the history of nopes.

10. Dodged a bullet

Well, at least you’re not a deer?

9. Hooking up

These are things you probably need to mention in the profile.

8. Shoot your shot

Yeah I need one for normal reasons, and I can’t get one myself, again, because of things that are very normal.

7. Very rare

No sane human on this planet wants a well done steak.

6. Bottle it up

Yeah, that’s a red flag.

5. Carry me away

Welp, at least you know right away.

4. This is how you remind me…

So, sounds like he was super over her, yeah?

3. Shake on it

Are you even trying?

2. The third wheel

I wanna make sure nothing about this is any fun.

1. Backup plans

Talk about 0 to 60.

I suppose I should count my blessings that I’ve never had to endure anything that bad.

What’s your worst first date story?

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