Do you have a few minutes to talk about our Lord and Savior Memes?

I promise it won’t take long. We just want to share the good news with you. And the good news is that we’ve got a bunch of memes.

We’ll just leave some of this literature with you to look over.

13. To the wind

If you’ve gotta compare yourself to somebody, maybe start here.

12. The orange glow

Aaaand now I have to buy new ones again.

11. Bad news

So I guess the security cameras WERE working.

10. Pressing issues

Without it, how can I confirm that I was actually born?

9. Cut me to the quick

You were supposed to protect me, not attack.

8. Clownin’ around

You know dang well there’s no excuse you can offer, might as well own it.

7. In the bag

This is the origin story we all need.

6. Classical burns

The music industry is cut throat, I know because I watched Whiplash.

5. Ghosts of hydration past

What’s even scarier is how long it’s actually been since I had any water.

4. I win

This game tears families apart and doesn’t even apologize.

3. Top surveillance

But my ‘grams are so cute now!

2. Taking a stand

Welp, guess I’m never gonna try that again.

1. Speed racer

He’s a demon on wheels!

Have we converted you to our meme religion yet?

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