Always been a little perplexed by the term “falling in love.” It calls to mind a sort of swoon to me, but a swoon into a big dark pit where maybe something awesome is waiting for you, or maybe it’s just bats.

Anyone else? No? Just me? Cool.

Here’s what some single memers think about falling in love, apparently:

13. The big question

Thanks for bringing it up though, super helpful, everyone is having fun.

12. Pole dancing

Not sure whether this post is appropriate or not.

11. Matchmaker, matchmaker

Now boop snoooooots.

10. The go-ahead

Ok, we don’t need to be faced with this kind of shade.

9. Sober realities

Best of luck, that’s some advanced level stuff.

8. Pet peeve

Well then go adopt some or something, dang, I dunno.

7. Red in the face

Wine doesn’t go around cheating on you. Thought it might hurt you a bit the next morning.

6. Puppy love

The internet wasn’t built to sustain these levels of cute overload.

5. My sunshine

Also, stay 93 million miles away from me.

4. Talk it out

I’ve genuinely thought about getting out a stopwatch before to see how long certain people can go before they realize they haven’t let anyone else talk.

3. The wedding game

Let it go.

2. Fatal attraction

You’d think I might have learned by now but no, absolutely not.

1. Falling

Who’s gonna catch me anyway?

I may not have the best grasp on what falling in love means, but I do know what it MEMES.

What do you think of when you hear “falling in love?”

Tell us in the comments.