Do you sit in front of screens a lot? Sure. We all do. You’re doing it right now. I’m doing it right now. And when I’m done looking at this particular medium-sized screen, I’ll probably catch up on a little business on my small screen before finally retiring to a relaxing evening in front of my largest screen.

Some may find this a sad way to live, but I think it’s a rad way to live. It’s extreme. Ex-SCREEN, you might say, if your brain was melted from looking at screens all the time.

Games, movies, trash TV, it’s what our lives revolve around these days. And we’ve got some memes about it.

13. The magic touch

But now that I’ve gotten here, what more is there for me to do?

12. Think fast

That’s a rap, I guess.

11. That smarts

Stand down in the face of true genius.

10. The master at work

What wizardry is this?

9. The blame game

Stupid controller.

8. Rare sightings

You can’t summon him without something microwavable.

7. A class act

Sorry, I was just feeling a little sluggish.

6. Skyrim’s the limit

This is my calling, you wouldn’t understand.

5. Shift in perspective

How much longer?

4. Keep your distance

Even the younglings?

3. Brace yourself

What am I gonna do, write outside this lazy trope?

2. Wait in line

We live in a civilized society, after all.

1. Weird vs. weird

As long as absolutely everyone is gorgeous.

May the remainder of your screen time today be a blessed screen time.

What’s your favorite thing to look at on a screen?

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