I believe it was the Bible who said, “Life is hella difficult and then you die, sucks to be you YOLO.” I don’t know, it’s been a while since I’ve been to Sunday school. Whatever very wise person said it, it’s true. Life is a struggle. And what are memes but an attempt to express those struggles?

Here are thirteen difficult experiences, but expressed in meme form so we can laugh at the pain.

13. Getting roasted

Hahaha I can definitely not hang with this.

12. Concerned friends

Get ready for limbo time.

11. Assessing situations

If I can’t see my problems, they can’t see me.

10. Getting older

Just wait till you hit 30, friend.

9. Doing your best

It’s the thought that counts?

8. Setting expectations

Let’s just be honest at the outset here.

7. Holding a job

An economy? In this economy?

6. Being anxious

I give several hoots about this.

5. Waking up

I’ve made a huge mistake.

4. Getting insulted

Bones heal, your sick burns never will.

3. Getting nihilistic

Why should I even bother writing a blurb about this one.

2. Waiting on texts

I’m barely going to survive this attack.

1. Browsing memes

It’s time to stop.

I’m sure you’ll agree that was very therapeutic. I think we’re all healed now. Thanks to memes.

What kinds of memes to you find the most helpful?

Tell us in the comments.