Remember Tumblr? Yeah you do.

Have you been tumbling lately? Probably not.

But guess what? We have! And we’re here with the tasty Tumblr nuggets for you to munch on.

Dont’ miss out, friends! Gobble up these 13 Tumblr bites, and laugh your a**es off!


1. She sells sea shells by the sea shore…

Or online on Amazon? Either works.

2. Rock it so f**king hard!

And if you’re not here to rock your f**king a** off, then maybe you should go elsehwere!

3. Isn’t this where we all belong?

West Virginia?

4. I never knew this!

They know how to make jokes? Of course they do!

5. Well, she’s certainly not taking any s**t!

You go girl! Don’t let anybody harass you EVER!

6. Essential info for modern living

I mean… a skeleton… some heartbeats… that’ll work, right?

7. Don’t play that name game!

Meredith! You can take this apple sauce and shove it!

8. I would watch the s**t out of this show!

This is genius. Whoever though of this needs a prize.

9. Oh the humanity!

Ahhh, the many joys of parenting in the modern world.

10. What’s my secret?

I always spoil everything!

11. Crushing not talking

Who would ever want a crush to know such things?

12. From rags to riches

Whoever she was, I salute her.

13. When you read it out loud…

You’ll hear it. Just read it out loud.

That’s gotta make you feel better, right? All that laughing and giggling is bound to make anybody’s hormones elevate a bit.

Which of these random Tumblr bits did you find the funniest?

Let us know in the comments, fam!