Before we get into this particular gallery, we need to make something clear:

These people were asking for it.

And no, that’s not victim shaming. Each of the people you’ll see here were in fact asking to be insulted by strangers on the internet. That’s why you’ll see them all holding pieces of paper that say “r/RoastMe,” to verify that yes, this is indeed the person in the photo asking to be roasted and not just some bully sticking in someone else’s pic who didn’t want this.

There are rules to civilized roasting, after all. And here’s how that plays out.

14. Manifest destiny

It’s all in the eyes, man. It’s all in the eyes.

13. The salesman

His power level is definitely in the 9000 range.

12. What an honor

Well heck, you learn something new every day.

11. What’s the delay?

When you stack pain on pain in the hopes something will cancel out.

10. Simple plan

This one is entirely too easy.
I mean for real she’s very pretty, but the formula writes itself.

9. The big change

Hey, ya never know.

8. Puppy love

I’m not sure why this one is particularly disturbing.

7. SomeBODY once told me…

This thread is gonna troll me.

6. How low can you go?

Yeah that order of events is troubling.

5. Growing up

Wait, for real?

4. It’s a sign

You really gotta read these situations carefully.

3. Not like…


2. Let the bodies hit the floor

I’m screaming.

1. The dissertation

Holy crap dude, stop, he’s already dead.

If ya can’t take the heat, just stay away from the kitchen.

What’s the biggest burn you’ve witnessed lately?

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