Real life rarely plays out as elegantly as a carefully crafted story.

And yet the best elements of storytelling can, on occasion, make their way into our real lives.

What’s a real life example of foreshadowing that has happened to you? from AskReddit

So what have we strangely seen coming without seeing it? The people of Reddit spin their yarns.

1. Not that clinician

I work as a therapist now.

When I was in college, I was volunteering at a clinic, and heard two counselors describe a complicated and difficult case. I remember thinking, “that person seems really tough, man, I’m glad I’m not that clinician!”

When I was in grad school I was interning at a different clinic, and one of the counselors was describing a complex and difficult client. The same one from a few years before. I remember thinking “That person seems really tough, man I’m glad I’m not that clinician!”

In my first job after school, I was working in a completely different clinic. One of my first intakes was that same very complex and difficult client. “Well, son of a b*tch…”

– ConneryFTW

2. Who needs masks?

In early January of 2020 (literally New Year’s Day) I visited China to help run a math competition.

Before I left, my mom bought some masks to take with me because of the air pollution in Beijing. When I came back, I hadn’t used the masks because they don’t actually do much to help with air pollution and no one I was with wore one when I was there (except one friend bought some masks in China as a joke).

My mom told me she’d take the masks for the store for a refund (this was mid-late January 2020).

I agreed, since I figured there’s no way I’d need a mask for anything any time soon.

Guess what happened then….

– Kim-Jong-Deux

3. The Master Cylinder

I am f (important for later) and have no (none, zip, nada) interest in cars. As long as it moves, fine. The only technical terms I know are key, door, wheely-thingy.

15 years before the incident, I was in a long car trip, zoned out, and someone tuned to Click and Clack on the radio (talk show about car problems, in a heavy Boston accent); in this episode they were talking about braking systems and explained to a young woman what the various parts of the ‘fairy system’ in her car were that could cause a slight amount of pressure applied to the brakes to halt a heavy vehicle.

I didn’t even have a car at that point. I completely forgot about it.

Fast forward to when I was driving a couple years old SUV and the brakes began to feel weird. I had to be really careful, remain 5 car lengths from anyone in order to stop in time. I finally got a day off to take it to the mechanic and said it had a new braking problem. They took it in, looked it over and then I got a call that they fixed it by re-building the brakes, and told me that the mechanic drove it and gave it the all-clear.

As soon as I took it home, I realized that was BS and it was still dangerous to drive. I took it back, the service guy and the mechanic come out, trying to tell me it was fixed and was fine to drive. I’m standing there after work, in a skirt and heels, arguing back. Then, out of nowhere, I blurted out “Well, did you check the master cylinder?”. The mechanic looked surprised, and they agreed to take another look.

I got a call the next day. Sure enough, the master cylinder was broken. I had soooo much street cred at that mechanic shop for years afterwards.

– WafflingToast

4. Stay alert

So it was like some final destination sh*t where I was driving and I had someone quickly change lanes into me, I was able to avoid them and everything was all fine.

I then get up further and there is a massive car accident in the middle of an intersection. I made my way past and all was fine..Came around a corner and some guy just came across into my lane again and nearly got me rear ended.

At this point I’m like wtf get me out of here..I was then driving home and there was a car waiting to pull out of a side street and I just got this really eerie feeling.

As I got closer he just suddenly pulled out. I pulled up so close to him that I had to reverse for him to turn properly onto the other side of the road. I has doing around 60kmph and I honestly think I would of seriously injured him or killed him had I not been so alert.

– Parvus_

5. I dreamed a dream

I started having dreams about death and sickness a lot. Then in one dream, I saw my grandfather. He was in the hospital at the time, and I was very nervous and scared for him. Everyday I would try calling him, but the phone never rung. I knew he was going to die very soon.

About a week later, he passed. Even though he was sick, no one but me really saw this coming. It’s a scary thought.

– idkisthisathrowaway1

6. That’s a wrap

I live in NYC where the film crews can just tow your vehicle and drop it somewhere random. I couldn’t find parking as there was a major studio filming. I was talking to a neighbor and he told me about the filming and whatnot. He said “be careful even if you don’t park where they say not to they’ve towed my car before!!” I said haha yeah sure they will!

I parked more than a mile away from their “set” and when I went to go to work they had moved my truck about two blocks over. I reported it stolen and was hysterical when the cops arrived and told me this happens ALL. THE. TIME. one officer had it happened to him personally.

F*ck film crews.

– Discorico47026

7. The name game

My mum had a name for my brother that she couldn’t use in the end because my aunt (dad’s side) had a dog with the same name.

Fast forward 20 years.

Since I was a little girl, younger than 10, I’ve loved the name Sam (short for Sammy, never Samantha) for girls and it’s been the only name that has stuck with me as a future baby name.

Last year my cousin, daughter of that aunt, got a dog and called it Sammy. It’s a complete coincidence, my cousin didn’t and wouldn’t have known, but I’m still not over it.

– stayanon2

8. A thought occurs

A couple months ago I was hiking alone, and just kinda lost in thought. Had a sudden intrusive thought to myself saying “I’m probably going to meet a girl here soon. We’ll probably end up dating for a really long time.”

And a month or so later i met my current gf. She is great, more or less everything I’ve ever wanted in a partner.

No real explanation as to why that thought popped in my head though.

– Filipino_1

9. Rich foreign hottie

Went through a horrific divorce from my husband of 17 years. I was truly depressed and scared at forging a new life from scratch. My friend tried to get me into online dating, but I refused. She signed me up anyway, without pictures or info and just told me to “check it out, you might find some rich foreign hottie who worships you”. (She knew how much I loved to travel).

I am in Eastern WA State, there is not much of an “international dating scene” here. It’s mostly white supremacists, white trash or country bumpkins. On the nights I wasn’t busy crying, I would scroll through to see different men and lost even more hope.

One night, a guy pops up, Cuban, super handsome, in town for a temporary job assignment and there was something about his eyes. I just drowned in them.

We messaged back and forth. Had our first date 6 years ago yesterday, have travelled the world together, have never had a single fight as we communicate beautifully together and are deeply in love.

– ronsinblush

10. Not like the other girls

As a pre-teen, I had a bit of the “not like other girls” thing happening. I had a hard time making friends, and as many of my classmates were all about boybands, I thought I was somehow superior to them for not being caught up in it.

In secret, I had a fascination with a young female pop star. I would hunt out and carefully clip out photos of Hilary Duff and kept a scrapbook.

In later years, after puberty and realizing I’m a lesbian and life and all that I realized that was it. That was my baby lesbian awakening and I made fun of my classmates for effectively being the same little creeps to boy bands.

Anyway. That seemed pretty obvious later.

– brandnamenerd

11. The internship

I applied to an internship I really wanted and I knew they’d get back to me in February. The month was almost over and I made a sulky, resigned comment to one of the professors who wrote me a recommendation that I’d clearly been rejected or I would have heard back by now.

I then return to my room and check my email and my acceptance letter is in the inbox, so I grab my laptop and race back to her office to show her.

– Love-that-dog

12. A terrible feeling

Getting to the end of 2019, my stepdad had something horrible happen to him, by absolutely no fault of his own. It left him a shadow of his former self. I would talk to him and my brothers regularly, and slowly but surely, my stepdad started doing better around mid-December.

A few days after Christmas, I told my MIL, that I had a feeling something terrible was going to happen. She said she had the same feeling. New Year’s passed, and the first week of January did, too, and by the time we reached January 22nd, I had pretty much forgotten about this weird feeling.

On January 22nd, my stepdad killed himself, leaving us all shattered. The grief of losing him so suddenly left me unable to do my job (they wouldn’t give me time off), and I was fired two weeks after the funeral.

– Fun_Mistake4299

13. Someone like that

I was at a club with my then-husband and we got into an argument (young/stupid/drunk all that).

At some point I motioned to a shorter super-buff guy with a bald head and said, “I should be with someone like that.” I know, very c*ntish of me, I do feel bad now.

Anyway, jump several years and now I’m with a shorter super-buff guy with a bald head.

– SmuttyBookLover

14. A great personality

Ex explained some of her personality traits here and there during the relationship, I later realized what she was describing was narcissistic personality disorder.

That went as well as could be expected.

– DontPlayAuthentic

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