There’s always way too much going on on Twitter to keep up with it all, so little rundowns of recent stuff can be the perfect way to ensure that you didn’t miss anything great. And lucky you, we have such a rundown right here!

Enjoy these fourteen funny tweets you maybe haven’t seen yet!

14. Silver linings

Just go with the flow.

13. Spill proof

Now what in the why is this.

12. Oh snail yeah

I don’t know what you’re complaining about, that looks amazing.

11. Some restrictions apply

Did nobody in that room just stand up and go “Um, so, about that…”

10. Mail call

We’d wait days for a low-resolution disc to come to our house and we just prayed it wasn’t scratched.

9. Stormy weather

This is more or less my family as well.


8. For your consideration

The lengths some people won’t go to in order to gloat.

7. Talk of the town

Have you seen this? Have you heard about this?

6. Spooky times

Blessed be the fruit.

5. Fruity goodness

You’re not just paying for an item, you’re paying for time.

4. Foreign films

You could translate this move into Latin and it wouldn’t make any less sense to me.

3. I hear you

It’s the haves and the have nots.

2. What a look

Very specific read but I’m not saying you’re wrong.

1. Just a moment

I mean, what else is there to even look at?

There, now you’re all caught up. Except for the millions of new tweets that were created while you read those fourteen. Back to the hunt, I guess!

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