Have you been searching for ways to make your life better in manners both big and small?

Have you searched so hard you’ve resorted to asking Bing about it?

If so, come in from the cold, poor child, and rest yourself. For here we have a repository of some of the greatest life hacks and tips that anyone will ever need, and a bunch that no one COULD ever need.

Be enlightened by our memes.

14. Touch up your photos!

Just be specific when you do.

13. Get free dessert!

Then have a really awkward conversation about it with your mom when it’s all over social media.

12. Get duty-free goods

The secret ingredient is crime.

11. Shape yourself

There will be a new you in no time.

10. Read the Sparknotes

It’s way easier than the whole book.

9. Pick the perfect date location every time

It really really almost works!

8. Always keep good records

Because safety first.

7. Find someone committed

Like, very literally.

6. Get to the bottom of things

You’ve passed the test. For now.

5. Be environmentally conscious

This kid is going places!

4. Be a self-starter!

Wait, what?

3. Take a half day

If you never come back, it’s infinite vacation!

2. Drive smarter

You’ll be nowhere in no time.

1. Have your cake AND eat it too

Because why else would you even have cake?

Well, what are you waiting for? Get life hacking!

What’s your best life tip?

Share it with us in the comments.