If you’re a little sick of your boss, first of all, maybe don’t let them see you looking at these memes. That’s probably not going to help things.

But definitely do look at these memes. They might just make you feel a little bit better.

14. ahsdkalfhfshfj

Sajdkal shf3euaf shdfhea, sasgsaf aesgsga.

13. Phone it in

If you use two phones at once, you get paid double.

12. Wine and dine

Way to just break my heart in my own office but OK.

11. Laugh along

The pain of forced laughter cannot be overstated.

10. Late to the game

Demotion is coming.

9. Business time

Ah yes, let’s compare this business to our other business and synergize some business.

8. Blaze it

Come on, you’re gonna do it too and we all know it.

7. Give me a break

Call it a half day. Half a half day. Half a half a half?

6. One last thing

This needs to be made illegal through constitutional amendment.

5. I excel at work

Easier than figuring out all the formulas.

4. Mighty roar

Nevermind. I forgot I’m a coward.

3. Por favor

You’ll never catch me alive, Dave.

2. Pay up

This is some pretty simple math but it goes over a lot of heads.

1. Cash up front

This is perfect, we all need to start doing this all the time.

Ok now quick, close this window and pretend to get back to work.

What would you say to your boss if you knew there would be no repercussions?

Tell us in the comments.