We use a lot of superlatives in our language these days. But let’s be real, not everything can really be “the best” or “hilarious” or “giving me life right now.”

Most things are just, yanno, fine. And that’s a wonderful comfort. These memes, for instance. They won’t change your life. They won’t make you die laughing. They will cause you to forcibly exhale through your nose.

And that’s enough. Memes are enough.

14. Quiet riot

I gotta say, wearing a mask has done wonders for me in this department.

13. On my way

This is the most compelling short story I’ve read in years.

12. Language barriers

You know that place is delicious.

11. Cradle robbers

Ugh, so tired of getting hit on like this.

10. The nose knows

Up, up, and away.

9. Coming apart

I’m losing my shirt over this.

8. Oh, rapture!

See ya kid, you’re Jesus’ problem now.

7. My philosophy

The expression on his face is like he knew all along he’d be a meme.

6. So fancy

This is the height of sophistication.

5. The great trip

Stop number one is actually number two.

4. Twist endings

This is a religion I can get behind.

3. Water type

I’m killing the environment because thorsty.

2. Undercover

He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice.

1. Top that

You gotta be the silliest goose in the lake.

And with that, we all breathe easier. Having had our burdens lightened, by these perfectly adequate memes.

What’s your favorite place to find new memes?

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