To think that the Earth is like four billion years old with about four billion to go before the sun explodes, and you just happened to be a resident of the planet right when memes were a thing.

Does the rest of time and space have dank memes? Didn’t think so. We are the fortunate few.

Revel in our luck with these fourteen fine specimens.

14. Cat’s where it’s at

The question is will there still be room for YOU.

13. Crunch time

If there’s a hell, it’s just this forever.

12. Ice cold

It’s a tough world out there, kid.

11. Udder waste of time

The thirst for knowledge is never a bad thing.

10. The doggy llama

He looks as surprised to be up there as we are to see him.

9. Wicked world

This is why I keep poisoning everybody.

8. Melon mixers

Stay fit and get lit.

7. Thanks for the memories

Can’t believe I ever took you out in the first place.

6. Context is key

You can hug me while you hand me the cash, I don’t care.

5. Speaking volumes

This is how you know I’m really about to flip.

4. Meet and yeet

This could have been an email about an email.

3. No thanks

Certainty is one of the most underrated pleasures in life.

2. Born to run

This is never gonna be me, I’ve made peace with that.

1. A steady diet

Be sure it has some room to roam and play or it may get confused.

If aliens ever uncover this page after humans are long dead, just know that these images were the pinnacle of our achievements. Bury them with us.

What meme would you choose to be preserved for the ages?

Tell us in the comments.