When I was a kid, if you had something lying around that you wanted to sell off, you could either pay money to take out a classified ad in the newspaper, hold a garage sale, or go to a pawn shop.

Naturally, I was a kid, so I was doing none of those things myself, but now that I’m grown and living in the internet age, I can sell my garbage free of charge on any number of junk-filled online marketplaces.

But surfing around those places is…strange.

Check out fourteen of the weirdest examples of things people have tried to sell online.

14. Psych Ward Turtleneck

Ok but um…where did you get those?

13. Wasp Nest Decoy

Honestly I’m all for this.

12. Social Distancing Bicycle

Can’t get sick if you’re dead.

11. “Drift Buggy”

This is why stores put locks on their shopping cart wheels.

10. Nintendo Switch

Nothing weird about the item itself on this one, but read the reason they’re selling it…

9. Bic Curtain

For when you really, REALLY need to let the world know you’re a pot head.

8. Nice *ss Lamp

Unremarkable item, incredible salesmanship.

7. The Infinity Sanitizer

This was inevitable.

6. Door Ram

When you get SWAT’ed but you’re very chill.

5. Jerk Services

I literally saw this on an episode of Futurama.

4. Jackalope

If you didn’t know, this is a fictional creature.

3. Motorized Picnic Table

That’s what I call fast food.

2. Human Size Hamster Wheel

“I WILL NOT HAVE THIS IN MY HOUSE ANY LONGER” makes it sound like it’s cursed, and clearly, it is.

1. Ponch

Just ponch.

If you’re truly bored and have a daring personality, go surf an internet marketplace for a while. You might just find your next treasure in another man’s trash.

What’s the weirdest sale you’ve seen on the internet?

Tell us about it in the comments.