Makeup is a huge, multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. It’s a significant force in our culture and there’s really no getting away from it.

And with something that prominent, there’s bound to be a lot of, yanno, bad stuff. Like really bad. Like shockingly, wonderfully bad.

The sort of stuff that, I don’t know, ends up creating an entire Reddit community.

You gotta check these out.

14. So much to explore

Don’t worry about me, I’m just here to browse.

I genuinely think this is the worst thing I’ve seen on my explore page from BadMUAs

13. Eye see you

Hey, that’s the wave of the future for all I know.

I’m a dude and don’t know anything about makeup but I’m assuming your face isn’t meant to look like you have a goggle’s tan… from BadMUAs

12. Good foundations

Eh, close enough.

Foundation match isn’t even close, so muddy too from BadMUAs

11. What’s your beef?

There is just so much going on here.

Beef that been left out for too long lips from BadMUAs

10. Spill the dirt

Are you like, some kind of Pharaoh or something?

She did her SO dirty … from BadMUAs

9. Stare and stare alike

Honestly this is elevated to the position of advanced art as far as I’m concerned.

It gets worse the more you look at it. from BadMUAs

8. Strange times

This is from some Sci-Fi horror flick and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Just NO!!! from BadMUAs

7. Matchmaker

It looks like these faces were photoshopped onto the bodies.

Horrific colour match from BadMUAs

6. Blend in

Imagine thinking that this made you look MORE healthy.

Such distinct lines around the eyes. Shouldn’t there be some blending, or something? from BadMUAs

5. Golden slumbers

Her eyes are closed and yet I feel as though she’s staring through my soul.

??? from BadMUAs

4. Soft and subtle

I can’t tell if you’re serious or if you’re just being cheeky.

I feel violated. Posted in one of makeup groups. from BadMUAs

3. What’s the beef?

Bold, just bold.

i smell like Beef from BadMUAs

2. Anxious eyes

I’d be very curious to know what she calls this particular arrangement.

This look is giving me anxiety from BadMUAs

1. Expert panel

We’re all in this together.

Remember: even celebs ain’t save from bad MUAs from BadMUAs

Obviously getting makeup just right is not as easy as it looks. And it’s important to keep a good sense of humor and be able to laugh at ourselves.

What’s the biggest fail you’ve seen lately?

Tell us in the comments.