It generally doesn’t take much for people to show you their true colors, especially in an age where we’re all showing each other everything all the time on the internet.

You’re not always gonna like what ya see. Here’s some unbelievably trashy recent behavior, via Reddit.

14. Get the shot

Check the speedometer in the background. This is a moving car with no hands on the wheel or eyes on the road.

MLM hun thinks taking pictures of her fake nails (while making sure to show off her Benz) is imperative while driving 60mph. from trashy

13. The rat pack


Someone slashed two tyres and spray painted the words Contagious Rat on a medical doctor’s car in Barcelona from iamatotalpieceofshit

12. Give it up

Ah yes, the ultimate place for public discourse. A bridge wall.

Graffiti in my area from trashy

11. Accidents happen

I hope somebody dents your door off.

Trashy human (sry if repost) from trashy

10. A clean break

There’s so much wrong with this I don’t even know where to begin.

This was posted in as restaurant facebook group from trashy

9. Cut the lights

Do you live next door to the actual literal Grinch or?

Why on earth would anyone do this from trashy

8. Snitch tips

You do know that servers could lose their jobs and restaurants could lose their licenses if they serve alcohol to underage people, right?

My friend waited on two underage kids who tried to order drinks. Stiffing servers has always made someone a bad person, but during a pandemic when benefits have run out and restaurant employees are struggling more than they already did? Despicable. from trashy

7. Good parenting

“I suppose I could use this as an opportunity to teach my kids about one of life’s hard truths, but instead I’ll just extend the heartbreak for two years and give my neighbors a corpse to deal with.
Then brag about it.”

“Good parenting” from trashy

6. Sick burns

You do know that you can like, be a Christian AND wear seatbelts and stuff, right?

This gem is from an old friend. They blocked me soon after I left the comment in green. I would 100% do it again! from trashy

5. Mind yourself

Are you getting paid by the tear, my dude?

POS professor still wants student to attend zoom meeting despite her father’s funeral being the same day. Says “it could take your mind off things.” from iamatotalpieceofshit

4. Flower power

Imagine doing this and then posting about it like it’s charming or something.

Trashy from trashy

3. Got ya pegged

Imagine just adopting “screw the elderly” as your new proud ethos.

Pour one out for Aunt Peggy from trashy

2. Bullying

Um, pretty sure this would be unacceptable even in normal times.

Ah, a genuine asshat in its natural habitat. Twitter. from iamatotalpieceofshit

1. The paper trail

Remember when this was our big concern? Good lord.

trying to profit off of a crisis from iamatotalpieceofshit

Remember to stay classy out there, everybody.

What’s the trashiest thing you’ve seen lately?

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