Look, life might seem hard. But that’s only because you were raised within a framework that taught you to think of society and universe at large as both orderly and imbued with inherit justice when in fact indifferent chaos is the governor of everything, that’s all.

Once you’ve accepted that, you’re gonna be well on your way to a more comfortable existence. And to help you along, the internet is full of fun little tips to get you through!

Just look at these tweets! Don’t think about the void!

14. Just give an A for effort

“You probably worked harder than anybody else.”

13. Enter the upside down

Now THIS is some next level pickup artistry.

12. Find creative storage solutions!

How do y’all have THAT much leftover spaghetti tho?

11. Rebel young

With or without a cause, it doesn’t matter!

10. Clean up your act

It’s literally the only way this is gonna happen.

9. Never meet your heroes

They didn’t even have a system of imaginary currency, the idiots.

8. Plan your retirement now

That’s…literally nicer than my apartment.

7. Find new ways to break the news

Communication is key.

6. Get the keywords in

“Computer say this guy’s got it going on.”

5. Keep things fresh

And you’ll never be blamed for anything.

4. Signal your intentions

You don’t want things getting out of hand.

3. Rely on friends

It’s what they’re there for.

2. Go for your dreams!

They’re not that great anyway!

1. Level up

You’re gonna do just fine.

Now get out there and rule the world like those stupid dinosaurs never could!

What are your best life tips?

Share them with us in the comments.