It’s been said to death at this point but it’s still true: we live in strange times.

Tumblr, of course, has always been strange, so it’s no surprise that the denizens of that particular corner of the internet have managed to keep up with and express these strange times in a fittingly strange and oddly satisfying way.

You know what I mean?

Maybe it’s easier if I just showed you.

Like, for instance, with these fourteen random examples:

14. Spied a spider

True fact: I only play video games late at night when I’m trying to sleep and Animal Crossing is a VERY different experience for me.

13. The moral arc

I guess that’s progress of a kind?

12. Millennial detective

“I don’t know Greg, it’s literally your job to find out.”

11. Best of the worst

Every good event needs an adversary.

10. Fire DOESN’T work

When your superior sense of hearing betrays you.

9. Checked out

It’s spooky and stressful in there, you can’t make me.

8. Quick math

Weird way to reveal that you’re a ghost.

7. The big reveal

Oh man. That kid is never gonna live this down.

6. Hot takes

Calm down there, vampire boy.

5. The new normal

Just admit that it’s all chaos and we can move on.

4. Quality control

Stop snickering, it’s definitely not at all funny.

3. A sporting attitude

Some of us have been waiting our whole lives to hear this news.

2. Wish granted

Weird, we all had the same idea.

1. Mice job

Why does he look like he belongs in a Peanuts cartoon?

There’s probably no way to properly express how weird this year has been, but dang it all if these posts didn’t get close.

How would you explain the times we live in?

Tell us in the comments.