The Library of Congress used to archive every tweet ever sent. Everything inane, everything hilarious, everything historic, everything Presidential, everything that fit all four of those categories. It’s really pretty mind-boggling to think about.

In fact their minds might have gotten just a little bit too boggled, because they became more selective about what they decided to archive starting in 2017.

From that point on, you might be gettin’ into the great library, and ya might not. The thing is, there are something like 350,000 new Tweets sent out every single minute, and continuing to archive that compounding mass just became too big of a task.

However, I’d like to nominate these particular tweets for preservation. For us. For our future.

14. Trouble in the water

Dolphins are the jocks of the ocean.

13. Money talks

Ok but can you explain shorting to me?

12. Marching on

Colbert has always been ahead of his time.

11. Crashing

Life imitates art imitating life.

10. Meme queen

Ah the good old days.

9. Taking stock

Education subverted.

8. It’s magic

This seems like what their strategy has been.

7. Dog on the run

Is he in the witness protection program?

6. Life hack

Work smarter, not harder.

5. It’s in the bag

My hubris has been my undoing.

4. Quiet down

You know what you did.

3. Don’t question it

Our butts have something to say.

2. Spell it out

This is the future that liberals want.

1. All an act

Thank you for coming to my one woman show.

Just perfect. They need to be passed down to posterity. Get on it, Congress.

What Twitter account would you like preserved forever?

Tell us in the comments.