It’s hard to find stuff to do these days, especially without paying an arm and a leg.

So for those of us who do not have an inexhaustible number of limbs at our disposal, let’s check out this helpful thread on r/AskReddit.

What hobby do you enjoy that’s cheap/free? from AskReddit

Put away your wallets and get ready for fun, here are some suggestions.

1. Willow

I make things out of willow. Any bendy stick will do. Takes weeks but I just keep adding more sticks until it fills the space where I “see” the object.

I started by deciding to make a nest one day out of some logs and limbs. It turned into a huge weaver’s nest.

Since then I’ve done moose, sea serpents, herons, owls, just all kinds of things.

Here’s a horse someone asked me to make for them.

Source: Imgur

I grow my own willow now but it was definitely a free hobby. – dzastrus

2. Nature

Enjoying nature.

– GoldMarksman

3. Autographs

I will email politicians asking for their autograph. Since politicians work for the people, they usually oblige.

I have received correspondence from my local MP’s, random mayors in South Africa, to a few Norwegian Prime Ministers. I don’t why I do it – I guess I like getting things in the mail.

– MelodicEntertainer

4. Origami


You can buy paper for dirt cheap, and spend hours folding.


5. RPGs

Playing tabletop role-playing games with friends.

It can be an expensive hobby if you want it to be, but it can be totally free too.

All you need are a couple of friends, a rule set, and a pencil and paper. Dice are nice too but technically you can get away with an app or just Google.

– Outcasted_introvert

6. Baking


Most baking ingredients are cheap and you can end up saving money on not buying baked goods.

– LuckyandBrownie

7. Tabletop games

Making environments for tabletop pen and paper games.

You can start out very cheap just using what you have.

– imaginarybestfriend

8. Disk golf

Disk golf.

$10 state park pass for the year and then just buy disks (can get a set for like $30). After that cost, it is just gas to get to the park.

There are paid courses but I enjoy the ones at the state parks. Plus that $10 a year I pay helps upkeep on the parks.

– Mister_JayB

9. Shroomin’

Mushroom hunting.

– sweatyicecubes

10. Knitting

Knitting is relatively inexpensive, especially in the beginning when you’re learning technique and yarn quality isn’t as important.

Once you learn the basics, you can make scarves and hats quickly and easily.

– MRSJuniper

11. People watching

Ok this will probably sound really creepy, but if I am being honest, people watching.

If I am outside somewhere I often have a habit of just observing others. It’s not just specifically people, it could be a bird landing and pecking at the ground, or noticing something floating in the air that has caught my attention.

But I do often find myself just curiously observing people. I try not to be a creep and stare at any person too long because that’s kind of rude. But I am naturally curious about others. I like viewing how others dress, what mannerisms they have, how they smile, how they walk, stand, etc. I just find it interesting to be on the outside seeing people existing. I don’t know how else to explain it?

There is no malicious intent, creepiness, or judgement on my part. I’m just curious about others around me.

I don’t know if this is technically a hobby, because I don’t go out of my way to do this or plan it. But I definitely spend a lot of my time observing others if I’m out in public and have nothing to do. Lol

– rousekitten

12. Coding


I’ve written my own emulators for retro gaming systems, Atari 2600, NES, Gameboy, etc.

– valeyard89

13. Drumming

I drum.

Kits can be expensive. But if you don’t have a kit. You have your feet, knees and hands.

It looks weird. But you can still practice rudiments, and off time. Don’t need drums to drum.

– mbootunomgumbo

14. Shopping

Online shopping but just adding stuff to my cart and never actually buying it

– Ga1acticTarantu1a

15. Hey!


– Wise-Ad-9421

I could give some of those a try!

What other hobbies would you add to the list?

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