It’s often said that we men are simple creatures, which I take some exception to. I can be very complex. For instance, this morning I put cereal in my bowl, then milk, THEN more cereal. I break new ground all the time, as all men do. And we need our ways to be understood. Luckily, we were afforded a venue for such proclamations via r/AskReddit where someone asked:

Men of Reddit, what is the hardest thing to explain to a woman? from AskReddit

Behold these truths of manhood. Study them well, and take them to heart.

1. The stick of truth.

If I’m on a hike and see a good looking stick I must pick it up

– feneralgank1

2. The blank stare conundrum.

If im in a group. and am staring at you intently. i probably just spaced out and my eyes defaulted to your position fsr.

– Chopawamsic

3. The…other stick of truth.

The mystery of how a d*ck works and feels.

– Kness2402

4. The twist and shout method.

It’s called scratching your balls but its much more of a pinch and twist motion.

– Taking-a-Break

5. The code of silence.

Why I don’t know what the fuck my best friend is up to in life even after hanging out with him all day.

– El_CM

6. The twitch stream.

How you can actually twitch your penis.

All of my lady aquantences are interested to learn that we have the ability to do so.

– mrmadlad90

7. Post nut clarity.

Post nut clarity is real and it ruins lives

Edit: the clairty afterwards doesn’t ruin lives, it’s the fog beforehand that ruins lives, because after nutting you realize how badly you’ve messed up.

– Good-Christian-Man

8. The danger attraction.

That we enjoy doing stupid sh*t like cooking with a chainsaw and cook using the after burners of a f18 or using friends as ratchet straps

– slavmememachine

9. Demands and negotiation.

Compromise is a two-way street.

If you want those pink pastel bedsheets and pink pastel walls, I’m getting the Star Wars lamp.

– RayDeaver

10. The quiet mind.

I can literally be sitting there and think about nothing. When she asks what I am thinking about, i say nothing. But she doesnt believe me. In a guy’s brain there is a “nothing” box.

– TurdNuggetts

11. The eternal question.

“So what do you want to eat?”

– BbysArntDWasherSafe

12. This.

The double stream

– KuhjaKnight

13. The nose-goes principle.

No. I don’t want to see what that noise was. I’m as nervous as you are.

– GreatWhitePhark

14. The poor aim problem.

Sure I can aim, but it doesnt mean its going to go that way, Stop thinking its super easy, its not, and god help me if I f*cking SNEEZE!

– Nopefeelins

15. The two great mysteries.


a) That we too have feelings and need companionship or

b) Why I have a boner at her grandma’s funeral

– Get-Vectored

16. This is a tough one for ANY guy

I had to tell my ex wife that I had erectile dysfunction. I had gone to the doctors that day because we have had complications while having sex for the last few months, I was extremely shocked to hear I had ED. Now I’ll say this for my wife sex was one of the main reasons she was in the marriage, she had (and I’m sure she still does) a very high libido and we would have sex upwards of 3 times a week, when I got back home I told her I needed to speak with here about something. She asked “what was it?”. And then I told her I had erectile dysfunction. She then started to cry and when I tried to comfort her she got extremely pissed, slapped me and yelled at me that she wanted a divorce. And so we went through with it, however, since then I’ve gotten treatment and I can still get a hard-on and not only that I am happily married once again with 2 children.

– Lootlem

17. We don’t always want to share

if I say “nothing”, it usually means “nothing important, at least nothing I want to spend ten minutes explaining why I was thinking of it to provide context.” This is because the follow up question is inevitably “okay, why were you thinking of that?”

Well, dear, my thoughts are a continuous stream of consciousness rambling along by themselves with odd interjections of background noises, old memories, daydreams, past nightmares, and who the fuck knows what else; and they just happened to be interrupted by you when I was wondering why cats skin color patterns don’t match their hair color patterns.


What would YOUR answer to this question be?

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