As someone who has struggled with insomnia my entire life, I can tell you, it’s no laughing matter.

Except for the times that it is, because your brain has cycled into a sort of giddy mania for lack of rest.

And then you make memes about it, like these!

15. Fortune telling

Yeah man, I’m aware, you got anything helpful to say or no?

14. Nice’d coffee

Get in my brain, magical energy beans.

13. Weight, there’s more

Don’t sleep on it.

12. Multitasking

It’s important to maintain a balance.

11. Shift happens

Welcome to the netherworld of the unreal, I will be your guide.

10. A matter of perspective

I mean, we’re both tweeting.

9. Different strokes

“I am the night…person.” – Insomniac Batman

8. Just lost

What month is it? Tuesday? The middle ages?

7. Run and hide

Where were you at 2am, you sneaky jerk?

6. Lousy deals

Let me bring in my guy who knows pillows, he should be able to help.

5. Not so fast

We’re no strangers to any of this nonsense.

4. Bugs in the code

If it ain’t broke, you’re probably just not looking hard enough.

3. Give up

There’s nothing that’s gonna fix it at this point.

2. Mixed signals

I’m starting to think all my brain really wants is attention.

1. Keep away

Isn’t mathematics beautiful?

To all my fellow insomniacs out there: we gotta watch out for each other. That’s why we always keep an eye open.

What’s your best method for falling asleep?

Tell us in the comments.