I asked my doctor if memes were right for me, and she said “What? Memes? I thought you came in here for hemorrhoids or something?”

But that wasn’t a “no,” so I can only infer that memes are some form of panacea ready to cure what ails me.

Let’s look at some now! For our health!

15. Dangerous game

I might be dead but at least I’ll be on time.

14. The truth is out there

Like, way, WAY out there.

13. The council

I’m sure he’ll be back just as soon as he finds all those missing younglings.

12. Walk on in

Your tears are gonna freeze anyway.

11. Remember, remember

It shouldn’t take a lot to boost your spirits.

10. The new normal

I don’t see what’s so difficult about this.

9. Pause for reflection

Just a cheezburger please, I will not murder you I promise.

8. The ultimate battle

Just hold on a little bit longer…

7. Darth Gump

This is the crossover event that nobody asked for.

6. One trick pony

Yeah he was pretty much entirely the worst.


Ah, the devil-may-care attitude of the young.

4. High up on the rooftop

Santa might be just a tad late with the present deliveries this year, kids.

3. If it ain’t baroque…

He walked so we could run.

2. Oh, shoot

Why do these guys even have armour? Has it ever protected any of them from even a single shot?

1. Secret code

This is genius.

Well I feel healthier already!

What are your favorite kind of memes to ingest?

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