We’ve got some dark memes for you today. I mean, funny, but, definitely dark. The kind of memes you might have a hard time explaining if someone is looking over your shoulder. Cool? Ok. You’ve been warned.

Here are fifteen memes only people with a truly dark sense of humor will appreciate.

15. The Queen’s speech

She’s been around long enough to call it like she sees it.

14. Don’t do it

Stab. Even if it means running like hell.

13. Bear with me

Seems like what’s up next in 2020.

12. Summon him

Can we destroy it? Yes we can.

11. The Stinging

All fear and no play makes Jack a Twitter troll.

10. Dead ends

These Disney remakes are getting really weird.

9. Masked emotions

I can hear this image as loudly as I’ve ever heard anything.

8. Dangerous ideas

This is why books get banned.

7. Be cool

I need to know who wrote this so I can stay far away from them forever.

6. Sneaking feelings

Thought you could stay away from us, eh?

5. The great beyond

Come for the towels, stay because you can never escape.

4. Storybook endings

Seriously, who makes these things?

3. Truck you

Me too, friend. Me too.

2. Death comes knocking

Skip the ads, cheat your fate.

1. Proud of you, sun

It’s nice to know they care.

Here’s hoping you enjoyed those, and that you’re not currently having a very weird conversation with a confused coworker about what exactly you’ve been looking at.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

Tell us in the comments.