If memes are your name, and memes are your game, then it sounds like maybe your parents had a lot of foresight when deciding what to call you.

It also means…that you’ll probably love these memes.

15. What’s up?

Also better check the news to see what kind of country I’m living in now.

14. Let’s get this bread

Dang, he’s fly. Like, even for a BIRD he’s fly.

13. Bee gentle

We must stop this senseless violence.

12. Wrap it up

The look of hopelessness.

11. Regrets

I don’t know why I love dumb crap like this so much but God help me I do.

10. Keep it safe

I mean, at least there’s “Lord” in there.

9. Long boi

You got a lotta nerve, buddy.

8. The ol’ razzle dazzle

I say there my good man, might you bequeath to me a job?

7. Write it down

I hear that this guy’s mixtape is fire.

6. Can’t stop, won’t stop

We’re gonna Netflix but there will be absolutely no chill involved, I’m too invested.

5. Cut, print

Printer technology is somehow behind 3D printer technology, which is way newer.

4. Work it out

Live your best life, hun.

3. I’ll keep it forever

Can’t remember any of my childhood Christmases, but this we’ll hold onto.

2. Hat tricks

Everyone gather ’round to admire and/or judge me.

1. Face the facts

The power of negative suggestion, friends.

Hope you enjoyed this tour of memes, come back soon for more!

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