Having a stressful day, because of literally everything?

We understand. And we have a solution! The solution is memes.

These are the memes. These are the solution.

15. Bringin’ me down

I think I’ve had just about enough of the rollercoaster.

14. Pay the price

It would be a little easier to eat healthy if all the light foods didn’t cost an absolute fortune.

13. Take it away

Oh, things are getting pretty hot and heavy now.

12. Nap wrap

I think this is just the bed of Alex Jones, honestly.

11. Jeeze, sneeze

Wait, is this true? I’m gonna cry if this is true.

10. The reagle beagle

No dogs allowed? We’ll just see about that.

9. Wine country

You’ll understand when you have bottles of your own someday.

8. Cheeky questions

“Um yeah so anyway, I’m here about a truck?”

7. The ring toss

These were meant to illustrate to children the futility of human endeavor, I just know it.

6. Screw you

Rules were made to be broken.

5. Honk honk!

Super cool except for all the heart attacks you’re gonna cause.

4. Personal space

I mean, it’s up to you, just trying to help you make an informed decision.

3. In the mix

Boy you are just living on the wild side, aren’t you?

2. On the edge

Never talk to me or my sun ever again.

1. Nug chug

Never give up, you can chew it too.

Did memes solve stress? We sure hope. Meme bless.

What’s your favorite way to consume new memes?

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