You want some memes? I assume that’s why you clicked on this. If you were looking for like, deals on silverware or whatever, we can’t help you.

But memes? Oh yeah, we got those.

15. The best of friends

I feel like I’m being set up for a Fox & The Hound situation and I’m already crying.

14. Get in

All aboard the carb car. Toot toot.

13. The betrayal

“Well played, human. You win this round.”

12. Mourning person

Every side of the bed is the wrong side when you actually have to get up.

11. Poor thing

Yeah I dunno if you’ve heard of this sick new trend called food and shelter? I wanna get in on that.

10. Saving grace

It’s impulse buying but from literally anywhere, we’re doomed.

9. In the cards

Time to get down to serious business.

8. Real life

From a perfect ten to a weird nightmare.

7. Special delivery

Think outside the box all you want, my thoughts reside with what’s IN them.

6. Sleep on it

Now somebody bring me some food.

5. Knock knock

That’s why I got into this job. It’s my passion.

4. The best part of waking up

…is you all shutting uuuup!

3. It’s showtime!

Did somebody say my name three times?

2. It’s lit

Man, this is way too much work just for a melty mallow.

1. The one true response

Dreams can be pretty bad, yanno.

Mmm, so fresh. So filling. Nothing like a good meme.

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