Ah, the 80’s. A thoroughly rad time. And the media – especially the kids media – from the era is lodged deep in our cultural psyche, as evidenced by the recent cycle of revisiting television a la Stranger Things and the like.

It’s easy to take for granted now, but the 80’s was when the era of home video began. As VCR’s became more affordable to the average family, buying and taping entertainment to watch on our own time became the new normal. Before that, if a movie came out, you just saw it in the theater once and it went away forever.

Pretty hard to imagine now, right?

Enjoy these nostalgia-inducing bits and bobs from 80’s media.

15. The Hanna-Barbera Logo

Them and Warner Brothers practically invented cartoons.

Via: Hanna-Barbera

14. Serendipity books

Look at all those giant eyes.

13. Bruce Coville books

Remember when kids would like…read?

Via: Scholastic

12. Pound Puppies

I always thought that was a really harsh and unpleasant name for such a cute franchise.

Via: Golden Books

11. The Montgomery Ward Christmas catalogue

In the pre-internet days, the underwear section of a catalogue like this could be very…formative for a young person.

10. Animalia

Peep all that detail.

9. Noozles

No weekday was complete without them.

Via: Viacom

8. My Secret Identity

Every kid wants to be a superhero, after all.

7. The Munsters Today

Few remember this strange little reboot, but it did manage to run for 73 episodes.

Via: Music Corp of America

6. The Mouse and the Motorcycle

The animation and sound design in this movie bordered somewhere between amazing and nightmarish.

5. The 9Lives commercials

Morris the Cat is most certainly dead by now. There. Now you’re sad and my job is done.

Via: 9Lives

4. The Ewoks cartoon

Yes, this was a thing. With writers who would go on to work on legendary projects like Batman Beyond and LOST.

Via: 20th Century Television

3. Sports bloopers tapes

It’s mostly just people falling down while playing sports. For some reason, this was considered extremely entertaining at the time.

2. Herself the Elf

If you say “1980’s” into a mirror three times, this is what appears behind you.

Via: Amazon

1. Smurfs on ice

Why? Because shut up, that’s why.

Via: Frank Lennon / Getty Images

I have so many old theme songs stuck in my head now. This is gonna take a while to reverse.

What’s your favorite thing about the 80’s?

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